Tuesday, August 21, 2012

When people care for you

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"I care about relationships and I constantly work on them. I cared for everything that concerned you, but you want me to care for certain selected issues only. You therefore shout at me if I care for something you don't want me to care for. You don't care what I am feeling right then. You don't care that I cared to care for you even when I was busy. You might think that somebody is actually caring for you and you will care for him/her the most, and you will later realize that you weren’t cared for at all. You will later realize that it is hard to find someone who will care for you. All I can tell you now is this - your best friend is the one who cares for you, not always the one you care for. And suppose if the caring is mutual, you have got the best-est of the friend in the world. Someday you will realize that I had cared for you, but it will be too late by then.

Now I have a simple solution which can make both of us happy :
I just don't care about you ”.

“Netha, is something wrong with you?” Varada asked me, after reading the above paragraph from the last page of my case record.
“Yes”, I answered.
“Do you mind sharing?”
And I shared.
She listened to me, without speaking a word. When I finished, she remained silent. I didn’t dare to break the silence.
Finally, she spoke.
“Do you care about me?”
“I do. Sincerely, I do.”
“ So, if I ask you to cancel the CME programme tomorrow and go with me to my house, will you do that?”
“I will.” I took my cellphone and dialed the number of the coordinator of the program.
She snatched the phone instantly and stopped the call.
"You don't have to do this to show that you are my friend", she said.
Love you, Varada

Label : Fiction.

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