Monday, May 13, 2013

My Dream Gourmet Party

It is Sunday and I am hosting a party at home! I have already planned to prepare delicious parathas, finger-licking fries, spicy curries, melting desserts and tangy pickles. I have no doubt as to what to do to make my guests' mouths water at my dishes - create a Kitchen's of India feast!

My kitchen extends beyond the four walls of my house. I use a laptop while I cook and I've made a virtual kitchen including the resources from the internet along with the real ingredients I have at home. To start with, I look up for various yummy dishes on the internet, and I almost always end up reaching the you tube. Once I see a delicious dish, I bookmark the page and proceed to cook it. Kitchens of India, the Indian Food Cuisine, has always been my partner in cyber-shopping for ingredients. The exciting part is that the delivery is free for all purchases over Rs. 450. So, if you are hosting a party and want to buy lots of masala mixes, ready-to-eat stuffchutneys and a lot of other delicious food items, there is no better place to shop than ITC Kitchens of India!

So, my party will happen by noon. I cooked Hyderabadi biryani for my special guests. To prepare it, I added the masala and cooked chicken to the boiling basmathi rice. Did you know that preparing a Hyderabadi biryani is very simple with Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani Mix? I will make my guests wonder how  I managed to mix the spices and condiments in the right proportion for a Nawabi Royal Biryani, while I will not let out my secret that it is the Kitchens of India product that I used! The smell of the dish lit up my olfactory bulbs and I couldn't wait to have the lunch with my guests! The biryani was special in a way that I added bits of fried chicken and coriander leaves for garnish.

Now, I need some sweets to cater to the sugery needs of my guests, so I decided that I would present them with Gourmet halwas. I wanted to present a variety of options for the pickles and conserves because I knew that I had to cater both the sweet-toothed and the spice-loving guests. So, I carefully chose Shredded Mango Chutney and Strawberry Mint for those who loved eating sweet chutneys. The Strawberry mint, I know, is rarely prepared at homes in India. I want to get my guests surprised by the sweet and tangy flavour of the strawberry chutney and make them wonder how I procured this dish. For those who love hot and spicy stuff, I will get the Hot Mango Chutney and the Mango-Saffron Conserve. After an exhaustive search on the internet, I came to know that no recipes of mango-saffron conserves are available. I would be giving my guests a combination of spicy and hot recipes!

Now, I can be fully confident of pampering the taste buds of my guests because I have made a tasty lunch in no time! Can't wait to share the food with them and get appreciated for the tasty food!

Thanks to Kitchens of India and Indiblogger for inspiring me to write this post. 

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