Thursday, April 18, 2013

The man who stood up for his friends

Ajmal was 15 when this incident happened. There were a group of girls and boys playing on his school playground. The girls were playing basketball and the boys were playing cricket. The playground was too small for two groups of people to play two different games at a time, but the students seemed to adjust to it well, and neither encroached the playing space of the other group. Ajmal was one of the boys playing cricket with his friends.

Ajmal's friend, Parthik, was the star batsman of the group. It was Parthik's turn to bat. When the first ball was bowled, he hit it with knack, and off went the ball. It was clearly a 'six' and the ball went straight outside the boundaries. Unfortunately, the ball landed on one of the girls playing basketball, and it hit directly on her head. She fell unconscious. The other girls, who were playing with her, swarmed around her.

Sensing the danger, the boys ran away, throwing off their bats and wickets. They were sure to be punished by their teacher if he finds out that their playing carelessly has injured a classmate. Seeing everybody run away, Ajmal wanted to run too, but his conscience stopped him from doing that. So, he walked back and went near the girl. She was bleeding from her head. None of the girls could lift her up and transfer her to a safer place. Ajmal, with the help from two other girls, lifted the girl and placed her under the shade of a tree. After asking one of the fellow girls to bring her water, he ran to the staff room to inform the teacher.

Once the teacher came, the girl was given first aid, and immediately sent to the hospital. Ajmal assisted the teacher in delivering the first aid.

Ajmal was called up and appreciated on the next day's common assembly. He was also to be given an award during the school day celebrations for his sincerity and timely action. He acted as the soldier for the girl he knew!

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