Sunday, April 14, 2013

Salutes to you, sir!

This incident happened when I was in school. We had our regular physical training classes on Wednesdays. I used to spend my physical education classes playing badminton with Mridula. Once we were playing a very fierce match. Mridula was playing against me and was leading by just one point. One more fault from my side would make her win the match. Boys and girls from both junior batches and senior batches were watching us. Most of them were cheering for either of us. I knew that if I missed the serve, Mridula would win the game, if not, we would have equal points. I couldn't afford to lose the match. So, I watched with extreme concentration while Mridula served.

Just as she tossed the shuttlecock into the air and lifted the racket to hit it, she fell down on the ground. Before the audience could realize what happened, she started convulsing. I knew that she was having a seizure episode, but I had never yet watched her seizing. She was frothing from her mouth. Her hands were clenched hard. She was shaking vigorously. Her eyes were open and protruding out. I got very afraid and I simply stood where I had been.

The audience, who were enthusiastically watching the match till then, were confused as to what to do. Some of them ran to the staff room to call a teacher. Others watched her. One boy told that showing the goddess's picture would stop her from convulsing. Another boy ran to his class to collect a bunch of keys, holding of which he thought, would stop her from convulsing. Nobody had the guts to approach her and give her first aid.

Mr. Ram, our science teacher, came running to the spot. He was informed of Mridula's condition by a student. He lifted Mridula and lay her down on the grass under a tree in the playground. Students followed him. He then ordered for water, and one student hastily walked towards the office to bring water on his instruction. Mr. Ram then gently kept his clean handkerchief over her tongue to prevent her from biting her tongue and injuring herself. He removed the tight sweater she was wearing. He then gently lifted her head and placed it on his lap.

After some time, Mridula was back to normal. Mr. Ram gave her water to drink. She couldn't remember what had happened to her during the seizure episode. She was embarrassed to see many students standing around her. It was for the first time that she was experiencing a seizure episode while in school. She was afraid that her friends would isolate her because of her medical condition.

The next day, during the science class, Mr. Ram talked with the class about seizures. He told us that seizures per se is not a disease, but only a symptom. He explained that one may have seizures even if she/he has no serious neurological problems. He explained us how seizure occurs, and what has to be done when somebody is seen seizing. He then called Mridula near him and appreciated her for being brave the previous day. I could see Mridula blushing with happiness.

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