Thursday, March 21, 2013

Magic with Dove!

No, I don’t believe in magic. I don’t even enjoy trying out anything close to magic. The way we perceive things make us feel as if we are watching magic, but your brain will quickly interpret the situation and make you feel like crap for having thought to have watched rational things as if it was a miracle happening in front of your eyes. So, dudes and babes, relax. I am about to tell you a story in which the heroine, ahem, is me and the villain is shaggy, curvy hair with split ends. And yes, magic has something to do with this post.

I am a total sucker when it comes to hair care. The truth is that I do not care about my hair at all. Being a medical student and working in a hospital, I am to put my hair up and tie it with a clip so that my hair won’t play the fool while I am at work. Once back home, I unwind the hair clip and let my hair go without even making the slightest attempt to comb them up or fondle them with a hair conditioner. While bathing, I don’t just care to shampoo the hair, or to gel it up to make it smooth. Yes, I am in fact a total sucker.

We were speaking about magic, ain’t we? The magic happened when I discovered Dove. I was already acquainted with Dove’s products, my parents and sister being regular users of it – but I was too lazy to try them out. My sis desperately used to teach me how different is a nourishing cream from a conditioner, and what makes shampoo different from bath gel, but I never seemed to have a good eye for differences, and therefore her lectures did not register in my mind. The big day was when I received Dove Split End Rescue System from my aunt, who gifted it to me after having seen my pathetic hair. I was sure that I would never try that out, and I started feeling pity for her for having taken a lot of effort, which for sure was going to be wasted.

The gift stayed in my wardrobe for long. When it was long enough that I forgot about the aunty-gifting-dove episode, my sis looked up among the pile of clothes in my wardrobe and found the bottle of Dove Split End Rescuer Shampoo. She would have discovered the power of the contents of the white bottle of Dove earlier than I did, had I not watched her taking it. Now, like all of you, I too am a human, and therefore vulnerable to temptations. I was curious to find out what it would be like to use the Dove shampoo, and I immediately snatched it from her and placed it on the stand in my bathroom.

The rest, they say, is history. Or, ‘her’story, to be specific. I had learned not to expect too much from any hair care product, but Dove proved to be beyond my expectations. The very next day after using the Split End Rescue Shampoo, I noticed the difference – my hair has become so smooth! It is not getting matted while brushing! The hair is staying perfectly neat till the end of the day! I was overjoyed!

The next day onwards, I started using the Dove conditioner as well. The change was just overwhelming. I neither had to worry about breaking hair while combing, nor about hiding the split ends of my hair within my put-up clutch. I could freely use any hairstyle of my choice from now! Hurrah! 

This is what is called magic. Getting the kind of result you never expect as soon as you try out one choice. Magic is when you are overwhelmed by the results. Magic is something that does not happen every day. Magic happens once in a blue moon and I guess the moon was blue on one day in January last. 

In around February, I saw at the Indiblogger website that Dove Split End Rescue System is being given for free for the writers registered on Indiblogger! I was overwhelmed, and sent my address too. I received the sample in around a week. They were as awesome as the piece(s) my aunty gifted. I liked the white pouch in which the shampoo and conditioner were couriered to me. Now, I am using it to store my hair-care stuff. 

The Dove experience literally changed my hair. My friends think of my change as a miracle, and have started using Dove's products now. It feels so good to be so careless, and yet have awesome, flowing, beautiful thick hair with absolutely no split ends! Thank you, Dove!

Thanks to Indiblogger and Dove Split End Rescue System for inspiring me to write this blog.