Monday, September 3, 2012

It is your turn to visit Melbourne now!

 If there is heaven on earth, it is on the land down under. Visit Melbourne through !

Australia was my dream destination.  Many a times I dreamt of visiting places in Australia, and the desire became even more stronger when I watched the photographs brought from this dreamland down under by my friend. As a child, I had eagerly watched the Sydney Olympics, as a teenager I was allured by the vast opportunities for higher studies at Australia. Now, as a young woman, I see this land as an aboard of natural beauty, haven of travelers and home of my best friends. Yesterday, I went through the Visit Melbourne website, whose description of the tourist spots at Melbourne made my desire more and more intense. Certain people make your day, certain places too. 
  Donaldytong [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
I wish I could go to Melbourne some day. I’ve been a traveler and had visited a few countries, but I was never lucky enough to go to Melbourne.  But I take pride in being able to add my bit of knowledge to the Wikipedia page on Melbourne. It is thrilling to be able to share the knowledge you have about a place, and guide the millions of people who’ll rely upon this piece of information from time to time. And you are doing it even without having gone to the place oneself! I wish this blog post too will be of the same effect, helping people to see the world through my eyes. 
Melbourne Skyline, Princess Bridge. By Diliff (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC-BY-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

The most amazing fact about Melbourne is that it puts a variety of choices into your plate. I’ve been to Buenos Aires, which has been a cultural city, to Washington D.C which was an industrialized city, and Doha, a desert city. There was something different at every city, a monument I could make note of, a plant I had not seen anywhere in the past, a building that amazed me because of its giganticity, or a museum showcasing vibrantly coloured butterflies. But Melbourne shall be special to me because I would experience the beauty of nature side by side to the industrialized city, opera houses, theatres and stadiums. If you’ve got just one chance to visit a foreign country, I’d advise you to visit Australia, where you’ll get to experience bliss of nature and joy of entertainment. 
The Queen of cities, Melbourne. aerial view.
I’d like to take you to a ride to Melbourne. Join me, and hold me tight. At times, you’ll have to hold your breath, hug me tightly, ask me to photograph you. You might weep with joy or scream with enthusiasm. That is fine, and there we go!

I’ll take you to one of the magnificent gothic lanes to the Central palace which is home to several vibrant bars, cafes, restaurants, boutiques, sushi bars and shops. And yes, you’ll see a lot of stencil graffiti.  Go ahead and unlock your passion to music here when you discover a late night jazz! Buy a bouquet of flowers to confess your love to your sweetheart! I will take you to the vibrant Brunswick street where you'll celebrate with colours. Shop for the exotic wine and enjoy the delicious sushi at a rooftop restaurant here!

Buy anything! Discover yourself! Central palace. By Vincent Quach, CCby S.A 2.5

I will take you to the tennis Grand Slam matches, where Sharapova swirls in style and Serena serves with power. I would let you have an opportunity to play tennis at a court which provided platform for tennis  legends to win and thrive. We will dine out at the banks of the serene Brisbane river, barbecuing tender chicken ourselves, while Roger Federer sweats it out on the court just metres away from us. We will go to the racing carnival where you will see the finest of the horses racing against each other. If time permits, we will meet an old man who'll bet on the best horse on track with you. Do not forget to show off your flashy racetrack suites!
Where the maestros fight it out : Melbourne Park.
Tired of the city life? Vanish into the Yarra valley! Hide in the vineyards and sip the most refreshing of the wines! Pack your hampers with fresh fruits and vegetables. Go ahead and knock at the door of a random house at a remote village and find out a winery! Meet an old lady at the village and feel the warmth of hospitality and motherly love! Pick up a bike and ride through the curvy roads to feel close to the nature. Have a rejuvenating drink and eat handmade cheese from a roadside vendor. Be cradled by the cool breeze of the valley while resting near the Yarra river!
Yarra river. CC by SA 3.0, by Nick Carson
 The fun is not over yet. Join me to see the aerial view of the city on a balloon ride! Get a glimpse of the theaters, skyscrapers and hamlets from the sky! Hold me tight and scream with joy! Let us float among the fluffy clouds and whisper to the flying birds.

Have you got one more week to spend? I will take you to Adelaide and Tasmania. Enjoy being treated like a queen on the cruise and discover the marvels of Appollo Bay and Barossa valley. Pamper your tastebuds with a lobster soup and mussel sandwich. Swim with dolphins and glide on the sailboats!

So what are you waiting for? It is your time to visit Melbourne NOW!

 This blog post was written as a part of 'It is your time to visit Melbourne NOW' contest. 
(Thanks to Indiblogger and Visit Melbourne for giving me an awesome opportunity to write a travelogue!)

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