Saturday, December 15, 2012

My experiments with straightening hair

 Warning : Do not try at home. Do not try at college also. :)
 The procedures mentioned in this blog post are absolutely dangerous and the author of this post will not be liable for any damage(s) caused by following the content of this blog post in part or full.

Did you know that it is quite easy to get your hair straightened? I will help you with an idea to get silk-soft perfect hair!

Introducing the Sunsilk new android app for straightening your hair! All you need is a messy, matted, dirty hair. You can download the app for free from this link.

To start with, you insert one end of braided copper wire to the plug sockets of the switchboard and bite the other end with your teeth. Then, switch on the plug. You will vibrate and fall down. This phenomena is called planned electrocution. You are experiencing 220 Volts of potential difference gauging through your body, which is not a pleasant experience at all. But what is the end result? Straight and spiky hair just like this!

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