Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The BORING post!

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I am all bored. So I thought I would come up with something really boring so that you too would get bored and so we can celebrate boredom together :) I therefore wrote and tore (read backspaced) and rewrote an account on ME.

Netha Hussain -

* is immensely talented. (those who say otherwise will be beheaded)
* has a voice that can be heard clearly even during a missile launch.
* claims to be an excellent cook. Victims yet not out of hospital.(Yeah, they are all medicos) And dead people don't speak. :)
* has a phone which is always on 'silent' mode.
* has an uncanny knack to make friends even with the dumbest characters around.
* is addicted to medical books, novels and the internet.
* becomes happy for no particular reason.
* is always present at the class and clinics that if she absents herself, they would declare a holiday. That is why Sundays are holidays.

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