Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Life is boring because...

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Life is boring because of the following 10 reasons.
• No knights, who save princesses (read Netha!) in distress, are around.
• None of my friends are fighting. I am deprived of fun.
• No new ideas regarding the cure for cancer ( the ones I had were labeled bullshit by the subject expert once)
• No one is vandalizing Wikipedia ( I look forward to the day I could revert some serious vandalism on an important page, and save Wikipedia from a terrific disaster)
• No rich patients, who leave a fortune to medicos who hold his hand during his last minutes (and later die), are admitted to my hospital.
• No hard problems in my sis’s math text book which I am unable to solve.
• No fire in my neighborhood, where I can save innocent kids from death by practicing the first aid principles taught in class.
• No ambiguity regarding the election results in my ward.
• No publishers getting interested in my blog posts and sending me cheques requesting to author a book for them.
• Adding this point just because I promised you in the beginning that I will give you 10 reasons. :)

Life is not beautiful. At least for now.
(If you want to send me surprise gifts to make my boring life interesting, you are welcome!)

Sharing a link here. This link is intended to make this buzz post less boring.

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