Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Medicos, this way please!

If you are an M.B.B.S student, you might find this checklist helpful.

Things to be brought to the surgery clinics by a II MBBS student (in order of priority) :
1. ID card
2. Stethoscope
3. Lab coat. Pure white. Any other shade of white will lead to your losing of attendance.
4. Knee hammer
5. Illuminoscope (I'm yet to learn its use)
6. Torch
7. OT (operation theater) dress. Green. Without a speck of dirt on it.
8. OT chappal
9. Measuring tape
10. Clinical Surgery Manual
11. Case record book. Bound.
12. Mask, cap etc
13. Notebook, pen and other writing materials
14. Soap

Planning to appoint a maid to carry my daily luggage to college. But who will pay for my maid?

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