Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Love you, Lionking!

It was a spent day for me. I had to look after too many patients in the gynaecology wards, there were unusually higher number of admissions and significantly large number of investigations to carry out. It was past midnight when I finished all my work and drove back home. I was too tired that I wanted to sleep : I knew that I did not have the energy to do anything anymore. I was thinking of taking a holiday on the next day as it was being hard for me to work for another long day. I knew that nothing that really cheers me up, like a cup of hot chocolate, a stroll through my garden or a chat with a best friend will not help. Exhaustion had drained much of all strength from me.

So I had a shower and had the dinner. I quickly rushed through the news tab on my phone and read the news for the day. The Supreme court scrapes Section 66A. The Legislative Assembly adjourned after a heated discussion on corruption of a minister. Heavy rains in Mumbai,  12 die.

I checked the back door and thought I will keep it closed. As I was rummaging my bag for the key, I heard a faint sound. The voice grew louder. "Meow, meow", it said. I quickly understood that it was my cat, Lionking. Lionking has been with me since its birth : his mother had left him at my house. Since then, he had picked up enough skills to survive with us. He knows every member of our family and loves being petted by us. He plays with us and is almost always seen accompanying us while in garden.

Knowing that Lionking is standing outside of the door, I opened it and let him in. He sat on the verandah floor for some time, meowing at me. I found some biscuits from the shelf and soaked it in milk and offered it to Lionking. He ate thankfully. After the meal, he went around me as I was setting up my table, cleaning the kitchen and washing dishes. I patted him at times, and he seemed to like it that way. His presence made the air joyful and entertaining.

After I was done with my work at home and dinner, I spent some time with Lionking. I patted on his back and joined him in playing with the ball. He seemed to be very keen to pick up the ball, imagining it as a potential prey. He would occasionally bring the ball to me and wait for me to throw it away to let himself run for it. It was heart-warming to see his innocent actions and funny games.

The mere presence of Lionking was very rejuvenating. I felt as if I got so much of my spent energy back. I felt I could get back to work, fresh again on the next day. I found myself singing under my lips after a while. I  never knew that playing with Lionking could change my mood for the good!

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