Sunday, February 1, 2015

I chat, now on Quickr!

Have you ever felt that it is quite a task to call up someone on phone? Have you taken the phone in your hand and then changed your mind that you should NOT call someone? Have you wanted to call someone at the middle of the night, but was afraid that they might be disturbed? Have you ever found yourself in a mess when you had no balance in your SIM card?

 If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, welcome to the club. Feel free to have a drink. You are among the hundreds of heartbroken individuals who are annoyed or disappointed by voice calls. You have crossed the limits of patience with voice calls at least once in your life. 

So, what is the alternative? Ladies and gentlemen, the one and only alternative is text chat! Trust me or not, texting is hassle free, quick and easy. Here are some of the reasons why I prefer texting to phone calls.

1. When you are texting, you are not interrupting a busy person. The receiver of the message is free to look up the message box whenever she/he is free enough after the work. Sending of a message does not involve shrill ring tones and broken network coverage. The utmost a text message can do to indicate its arrival is a short beep. There is no etiquette that demands you to reply to the text message as soon as you see it - replying is at one's own comfort.

2. Voice calls mean, hearing the voice of the person you are on phone with. Oh dear, how I wish I convey a message to someone I hate without having to share a voice conversation with them. That conversation for asking for a holiday to your boss you want to avoid. That conversation you picked up with your friend asking her to cover up your duty for one night. Wish you could have avoided them on phone?

3. You recharge today and find tomorrow that all money on your SIM card has been used up, and that it needs urgent recharge. WTH? The best hassle-free alternative is to text your messages instead of calling people up! That your phone is on zero balance can also act as an excuse to not voice calling J

4. You want to hook up with someone but you do not yet know if the other person likes it that way. You might be sealing off the opportunity to get a great friend by calling them up at the wrong time. How do you know if someone welcomes your call? Simple. Text them. People often tolerate texts, they do not stand voice conversations. You are safe if you text them and ask if they like a voice conversation. If they say no, do not interrupt them anymore with voice calls, instead, text them! J

So, here I am cutting short my long rant on why I mostly prefer text to voice. I am sure you all have many more ideas to add to this list. If you do, add them to the comments of this post!

This post was written for an IndiBlogger contest involving Quickr. Here is the link : Enjoy chatting with your friends on Quickr and forget voice calling for ever!

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