Friday, January 10, 2014

Recharge oneself with hair power!

A part of my confidence comes from my hair. I have thick, long, jet-black hair which is slightly curly. In being busy with a lot of things, I neglect hair care quite often, and end up having a messy hair which decreases my confidence level many-a-times. When I get dressed up to attend an important meeting or when I am ready to present a public speech, the cringing question of not having done my hair properly turns up in my head. It is an awkward feeling, I tell you.

I learned it the hard way that to be on the safer side and be confident, it is better to recharge the hair with a 5-minute simple therapy. I've been a fan of Sunsilk for a long time, and I have had the privilege of using some of Sunsilk's products absolutely free (Thanks to Indiblogger and Sunsilk for those awesome blogging contests that let me pour my heart into my blog posts), I therefore, prefer to use Sunsilk for this awesome hair therapy. This is how I go about doing it:

I take a bath a couple of hours before leaving for the important meeting. I use Sunsilk shampoo to cleanse my hair. I gently apply Sunsilk from the roots till the end of the hair. In one minute, I wash my hair and apply Sunsilk conditioner. I generally keep my hair so for around a couple of minutes, before washing again. In five minutes, my therapy for recharging my hair is done!

Now, I dry my hair and engage in other activities. After around an hour, I comb my hair. Now it is smoother than ever and yields well to the comb. Now, my hair permits me to choose any hair design. I always go for the 'put up' design, where I use a clip to pin my hair up. This makes me feel so professional, so confident. I could be completely sure that the hair will not give me away till the end of the day. I would not need to care about loose hair anymore. I get all my time to concentrate only in my work and nothing else!

Thank you to Sunsilk for recharging my hair and making me feel confident! I am a proud Sunsilk fan! Go to to learn about awesome Sunsilk products!

Thanks to IndiBlogger and Sunsilk for inspiring me to participate in the 'Recharge your hair, recharge your life' contest.

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